RNA Branch Trip to Hull July 2018

10 branch members met up in Hull for our annual summer trip, this year we decided to stay overnight at the Holiday Inn overlooking Hull Marina and HMS Explorer. We had timed the visit to coincide with a visit onboard the ship but due to scheduled maintenance works this was postponed until 2019. Once booked in we all had lunch at the hotel overlooking the quay.

On a Hot and sunny day a knowledgeable guide gave us an interesting tour of the historical port of Hull, which ended at a nice pub for a few drinks. Several wandered around the many sightseeing attractions a few spent their money improving the local economy within Hull’s many shops.

In the evening Andrea organised an evening meal at “The Minerva” overlooking the harbour and Humber Estuary.  Following the meal we visited several bars adjacent the marina on route back to the hotel.

The following morning after breakfast we walked around the marina and went onboard HMS Pickle (top sail schooner) which the original HMS Pickle was one of the fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar.

“The battle was won and England was once again safe from the threat of the Spanish fleets as Nelson secured British naval superiority for the next one hundred years but the victory came at great cost. Admiral Lord Nelson, the nation’s saviour, had been killed”.

“Make haste, little Pickle” the Admiral said “Go and tell England that Nelson is dead.”

The news of victory at the Battle of Trafalgar and of Nelson’s heroic death could only be entrusted to the swiftest vessel in the fleet. That vessel was HMS Pickle.

We were given a guided tour which also had a bonus viewing between decks in the cabins. The captain and Master Mal Nicholson arranged for one of the onboard cannons to be fired. A few of us also went on the converted “Spider T” a super sloop, the living space was amazing.

Later that afternoon all shipmates returned to Leeds.

Some trip photographs can be viewed in the photo gallery.

RNA Leeds No1 Headingley