HMS Ark Royal Photobook

Affiliates at sea in 2007
A young affiliate at the helm as the Ark passes through the Dover Straights
A Wasp helicopter landing onboard HMS Ark Royal in 2007
Affiliate Firefighting Team in 2007
Affiliates on the “Goofing Deck” whilst entering London in 2007
Ark Royal’s commander presents a portrait of the ship to the Leeds RNA
A Leeds RNA affiliate ready for a chemical attack
Watching the Sea Kings land on-board in 2008
Affiliates “Ready For Action”
The RNLI exercising boarding drills with Ark Royal
The “City of Leeds” affiliates onboard the Mighty Ark in 2008
Sunset at sea
Guests down the WO’s and CPO’s Mess
Ark Royal affiliates playing “Cameroon” in the wardroom
Rendezvous with HMS Daring in 2009
RAF Air Sea Rescue Sea King coming into land on-board the Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal sailing from Newcastle in 2009
Ark Royal affiliates having a drink in the wardroom
Engine Room Gearbox
Thrust Block and Propeller Shaft
A harrier on the ski jump during HMS Ark Royal’s final affiliates cruise in 2010
Shipmate Paul Walker with his son on the final cruise
A Merlin hovering over the flight deck prior to landing
Ark Royal sails from Glen Mallan on Loch Long for the last time with her affiliates on-board
Affiliates firing off rounds
Rough seas passing round the top of Scotland
“Procedure Bravo” sailing into Newcastle
Ark Royal Affiliates
HMS Ark Royal CO with the Deputy Lord Mayor of Leeds at the Civic Hall
HMS Ark Royal’s ships company at the Freedom of the City Parade in 2010
HMS Ark Royal’s Ships Company
The Royal Marine Corp of Drums
Shipmate John Rance pours the rum with Warrant Officer Jason Clancy in the foreground in 2011
2010 RNA Chairman Richard Hancock shares a rum with Wo’s Mess President Jason Clancy in 2011
WO Jason Clancy having a tot 2011
HMS Ark Royal enters Portsmouth through the fog for the final time
RNA Leeds No1 Headingley