Traf Night 2017

Vice President Geoff Thornton Giving His Speech
Ian, Cindy, Andrea & Rob from HMS Yarmouth RN Veterans
Room set out for Trafalgar Night Guests
Captain Bower's Speech
Captain Bower’s Speech
Julia, Kitty, Andrea & Cindy from the HMS Danae & HMS Yarmouth Party
HMS Yarmouth & HMS Danae Shipmates Jim, Ray, Ian & Rob
RNA Guests Rob and Andrea
HMS Yarmouth and HMS Danae Shipmates
RNA Guests Ray, Rob and Cindy Raring to get the Night Underway.
RN Veteran Jim and Alena
HMS Danae and HMS Yarmouth Veteran Ray and Julia
Guests Alena and Jim
Captain Bower and Chairman Paul Walker and fellow shipmates
Captain Bower from HMS Audacious with Traf Night Veteran Shipmates.
RN Veteran Frank an Ex Stoker and Kitty Laughing at Shipmate John Rance’s Ditty.
Sea Ditties Being Told Late Into The Evening
RN Veteran Shipmates Tug, Rannie, Tommo and Dutchy.
RNA Leeds No1 Headingley