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The Leeds No.1 Headingley Branch was first commissioned on 30th September 1972. We are one of the largest branches in Area 11 which covers Yorkshire and the North East.

Our president Shipmate Pat Connell joined the branch in 1976.

In February 1977 Mr Bill O’Brien a former Dunkirk veteran and a London businessman sponsored and dedicated our branch standard. Mr Bill O’Brien travelled up to Leeds on a number of occasions and also attended the branch “Trafalgar Night Dinners”. Mr Bill O’Brien was also the Master Mariner who brought HMS Belfast up the River Thames and berthed the ship next to Tower Bridge.

Shipmate Pat Connell became our branch president in 1989.

Today we have a membership of around 30 and our meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of each month at the New Headingley Club, either starting at 1100 or 1900 hrs. Please contact the Branch Secretary to confirm the timings.

Attendance at meetings has recently dropped due to some members “Crossing the Bar”.

Our membership now has a cross section of age groups, it compises of retired veterans, and younger shipmates who recently lef the service or are still working. We are always looking to increase our membership especially with enthusiastic younger members. Membership is available to serving, ex Royal Naval and Royal Marine personnel. Membership is also available to Merchant Navy and former army and RAF personnel. You can also become an associate member if you have a family member who served in the forces.

Our branch acknowledges that many people who have left the services are now working in Civvy Street, you can still join our branch and attend events and socials. We could also then arrange a monthly evening meeting as well as hold an afternoon monthly meeting.

We are also looking for new members to help us to take the branch forward.

If you are interested in joining the branch then please contact either John Rance or Paul Walker.

New members, both those who have served with the Royal Navy and any others in sympathy with the objectives of our association are assured of a warm welcome.

Once Navy – Always Navy

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